Microsoft Increases File Upload Limit form 100GB to 250GB

Welcome to 2021! Today Microsoft announced a file upload increase limit from 100GB to 250GB. This will make it easier to transfer large file sets, making it ideal for 8K video or other high capacity formats. The uploads are optimized as each file is split into sections that are encrypted with a unique key. Microsoft also enabled differential sync, meaning … Read More

From the Office 365 Blog: Four Success Factors for Driving Microsoft 365 Adoption

Small Business IT growh wall with stats

The four-part blog on how to succeed with Microsoft 365 implementation contains useful information from client implementations, third-party research, and best practices.   By Cyril Belikoff   at Microsoft Part 1 on the Office 365 Blog Part 2 on the Office 365 Blog Part 3 on the Office 365 Blog Part 4 on the Office 365 Blog