SQL Server e-book series—technical deep dives for your database journey.

Follow this link to get three handy free ebooks from Microsoft. The book includes resources, and code that will allow your small business to gain flexibility, performance, and security that are only typically available to enterprise sized businesses. The ebooks are: SQL Server Performance: faster querying with SQL Server Drive Business Continuity with SQL Server SQL Server on Linux: A … Read More

The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated the free ebook. Now on its second edition, the book covers how to create applications, smart apps, security and privacy. Follow the link to download the ebook.      

The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap By the New York Stock Exchange.

Over time, the NYSE has professed as its core to “innovate, inspire and shape the future”. Today they have released a free eBook: The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: From Concept to IPO The guide can be downloaded here in PDF, Kindle format, and EPUB. https://www.nyse.com/entrepreneur