Microsoft Azure webinar series: Security Webinar.

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Security strategies for safeguarding your cloud resources Microsoft has recently announced an even bigger push and commitment to the Windows Operating System in the Cloud. Even though it might be a pivot from its foundational structure, CEO Satya Nadella openly states that “the future of Windows is bright”. On that note, on April 12, 2018. 10:00 AM  Pacific time Microsoft is … Read More

The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated the free ebook. Now on its second edition, the book covers how to create applications, smart apps, security and privacy. Follow the link to download the ebook.      

High Performance Big Data Azure Virtual Machines H-Series now available.

Microsoft Announced the availability of H-Series machines in the West US 2 region. These machines are specific to very complex and high performing task, which typically include:       ✓ Computational Fluid Dynamics tasks run by engineers and scientists     ✓ Automotive crash testing     ✓ Genome and molecular research     ✓ Seismic exploration     ✓ Weather forecasting simulations These are certainly the fastest in … Read More

Microsoft Anounces Large disks sizes for the Premium and Standard storage Tiers.

SSD Premium Disk storage is typically used for I/O intensive ops, providing low latency. The announcement, available at all regions covers two large disk sizes 2TB and 4TB. At the same time, the Input Output Operations per Second was increased to 7,500 along with bandwith to 250 MBps.   Please follow the links to learn more  About disks and VHDs for Azure Windows VMs documentation web … Read More

Cloud Wars: Top Ten Rankings as of June 1 2017

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In a recent article published on Forbes by Bob Evans, Microsoft emerges as the top cloud vendor. The analysis is based not only on revenue but on other metrics such as scalability and integration. Definitely a complicated market, with some surprises such as SAP taking fourth place. Please follow the link for the complete story: