Amazon AWS announces EC2 Bare Metal Instances.

AWS announced today an EC2 instance with direct access to hardware. In the announcement, Jeff Barr said this is the result of unique client requests and the result is that  “every AWS customer has access to whatever it is that we build, and everyone benefits” The specific cases for this request are when the customer wants access to the physical … Read More

Announcement by Amazon AWS: Alexa for Business.

Alexa for Business makes it easy to deploy and manage Alexa devices at scale in your organization. The new tools let you manage Alexa skills, users, and devices, both as Personal and Shared devices. Follow the announcement at the link: Alexa for Business.      

AWS New Per-Second Billing for EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes

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Amazon AWS  Chief Evangelist for Web Services Jeff Barr announced on September 18, 2017, that effective October 2, 2017, all Regions of Linux instances will be billed by the second instead of by the hour. This move competitively places Amazon among cloud providers. Many instances just require short interval sprints, so the bill by the used seconds is a great resource. … Read More

AWS re:Invent 2017 November 27 – December 1st in Las Vegas.

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Coming up the last week of November 2017 in The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, with over 1,000 sessions to pick from. Plan in advance from the catalog this year to join sessions on Alexa Skills, IoT, Business Apps, and an expanded Hackathon. Keynotes are to be delivered by Amazon CTO Dr. Wernel Vogels and AWS CEO Andy Jassy.   Updates At Twitter … Read More