Apple announces Conserving mangroves effort.

Apple has recently announced its effort to conserve the Caribbean Mangroves forest in Colombia. The Mangroves are very efficient at removing carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it in the soil deep below the water level. Recent studies indicate that they can store more than 10 times per acre the amount of carbon as compared to land base forests. … Read More

Apple Updates MacBook Pro line.

Apple has introduced powerful 8 core Intel processors, with speeds up to 5.0 Ghz. This will allow users with heavy computational loads up two times faster processing power than the previous MacBook Pros. Examples of this are: Music editors can handle massive multi-track projects. Coders can complile up to 65 percent faster. Video producers can edit up to 11 streams … Read More

Users Guide to Shorcuts for iOS 12

Apple has recently published a very useful walkthrough to its productivity app: Shortcuts. Recently updated in iOS 12, the app lets you create custom shortcuts, by means combining easily configurable steps across multiple apps on your iOS device. These steps are defined as actions  Please view the complete table of contents for the guide at Apple Support Guides. All images property of … Read More

Today: MacBook Pro surprise Mid 2018 Update.

Apple has always been a popular choice in the creative world of Small and Medium-sized business. In part due to its robustness and long-lasting hardware. This morning Apple released updates to its two core MacBook Pro lines. Featuring 8th generation Intel Core processors with Quad core or 6 Core, the machines are almost twice as fast than its predecessors. With Radeon Pro … Read More

ARM Mac Part Deux: Less Confusion by Jean-Louis Gassée

Last week we commented on a controversial post by Jean-Louis Gassée ARM Mac: Piece of cake or Gas Refinery. This week, due to the abundance of comments, the author decides to clarify. Please read the update at medium.

Jean-Louis Gassée: “ARM Mac: Piece of Cake Or Gas Refinery?”

Apple could be working on the third processor transition for its Mac line of computers. This time it will probably prove to have a more interesting twist than the past switches. The end result could be a “desktop optimized ARM derivative” fully capable to run Mac  OS X and iOS. On the analysis, posted at ModayNote, the former Apple executive theorizes a … Read More