Realities of Cloud Migrations as viewed by Joe McKendrick of ZDnet

As Cloud Services become more readily available and costs go down as a direct result of price wars, the rate of trouble and failures escalate quickly.

This poses a direct challenge to Small and Medium sized business who are constantly trying to balance costs and expansions, while safeguarding the continuity of Business Operations.

As Joe McKedrick says : “Migrations has always been tough enough” but now, the risk factors, and variables have been amplified, with a recent survey reporting failure rates up to 51%.

Certainly a lot of downtime and troubleshooting.

As usual, the best practices point to:

– Careful Planning
– Staging, rehearsal
– Rollback and contingency Plans
– Special consideration for legacy software and hardware.

An ongoing issue for these migrations is Security and data protection.
Who is in control ?
The same survey indicates that 43% believe that the responsibility lies with the cloud provider, and 39% points that the security should be actively managed in house.

”The cloud — which gives everyone and anyone license to make their own IT messes — has made things much more complicated”Joe McKedrick - ZDNet

Certainly, and excellent insight, please find the complete article here:

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