Microsoft’ Storm of new product announcement.

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Microsoft announced a storm of new products in a news event in New York City. Microsoft hardware line is ever popular with small and medium-sized businesses, as they typically feature a good balance between price, durability, and mostly seamless integration to the company’s line of operating systems and productivity software.

A summary is as follows. Please see other blog posts here for more details on each of the products:

  • Surface Neo, a dual-screen PC
  • Surface Duo, a smaller version of the Surface Neo which doubles as an Android Smartphone. These are to be released in late 2020.
  • Surface Pro 7, which is the latest incarnation of the best selling line of two in one tablets.
  • Surface Laptop 3, reiteration fo the classical design laptop.
  • Surface Pro X, pronounced ‘ex’ not ‘ten. Curiously Microsoft tries its hand again with ARM-based chips, in this instance the SQ1.
  • Surface Earbuds, featuring integration with Office 365 software.

For the full announcement please see the Post at Microsoft’s Site.

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