AWS Outpost Servers. Now in Two Form Factors.

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Today Amazon AWS announced on-premises storage and compute that is monitored, controlled, and managed by AWS. This series is an addition to the already existing 42U full rack.

These Outposts are ideally scaled for remote offices, retail locations, health providers that need low latency capacity.

The Three Outpost servers announced today by Jeff Barr can be either x86 or Arm/Graviton. All of course powered by AWS Nitro System.

The new servers range from 1U to 2U, and from 64vCPUs to 128 vCPUs. Memory goes from 128GB to 256GB and local NVMe SSD storage from 3.8TB to 7.6TB.

Each server has a Local Network Interface for the endpoints and connects either via public Internet or via AWS Direct Connect

The servers can be ordered directly from the AWS Management Console, with deliveries in two to six weeks range.

AWS also continually monitors hardware performance and maintenance, shipping a replacement within two business days.

Follow the announcement at the AWS blog.

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