Key Reinstallation Attacks: Ubiquiti Devices.

Ubiquity has undoubtedly been one of the first and fastest to Patch the  WPA2 Vulnerability. However, the process is not without its hiccups.

Talking to Ubiquiti Networks a moment ago we confirmed that there is an issue if you attempt to use UniFi Controller to update the firmware.

The issue in question is that the controller will be stuck on the OLD V3.8.3… instead of displaying the UPDATED v3.9.3… as an available update.

So while they fix this, the update must be done manually. Please follow the links below for detailed instructions on the Ubiquity Networks Site.

It primarily involves going into the settings section and disabling the “Automatically upgrade firmware”, and then doing the manual update.

Link to the Firmware Download Page (v3.9.3.7537)on the Unifi Updates Blog:

Firmware Update

Link to Ubiquity Networks Support and Help Center with the manual upgrade procedure:
Ubiquiti Networks Support

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