A great guide from the United Kingdom Government on how to Secure your Domain.

A domain registration and its associated accounts are a keystone to your organization’s security. Most of the items on the checklist are not time-consuming or difficult.

  • Ensure that your Domains are fully locked at the registry level.
  • Name a Domain Name Administrator.
  • Ensure updated WHOIS records.
  • Renew your domain names.
  • Unused or expired domains, delete them.
  • Use a reliable Registrar service.
  • Enable Multi-Factor authentication on your registrar account.
  • Verify that the name servers critical to your domain are fully locked.
  • Stay current with vulnerability alerts and announcements.
  • Verify that the Check Zone Transfer Status (AXZF) is not open.
  • Verify Domain name servers and IP addresses are current and valid.
  • Ensure that the name servers are fully operational.
  • Verify delegation and authoritative name server records match.
  • Ensure consistency on the name servers.
  • Check glue records are consistent and match.
  • Delete unused Glue records.
  • Ensure CNAME is pointing to the correct domain.
  • Use Certification Authority Authorization records.

Originally published by the British Government,  you can see the complete original post here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/keeping-your-domain-name-secure

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