Google Gmail and Gsuite design update.

Gmail and Gsuite are powerful solutions: email for Small Business.

Within the next few weeks, there is a refreshing update coming for the Gmail and Gsuite web interfaces.

Possibly among new features are “Smart Reply”, “Snooze” and “Offline enhancements”

These changes are for Gsuite paying clients as well as individual accounts.

Following the recent design update to the web calendar app, and as commented on our recent blog entry

The Verge has more details of the possible upcoming announcement here.

New Screenshots of the new design Available:

Update1 APR 12, 2018 10:23 AM: The Verge has new screenshots from trusted partners and beta testers of the final Gmail web user interface redesign.

Update2 APR 13, 2018 01:00 PM: Ars Technica reports that among the new features is a “self-destructing email” called confidential mode.

Update3 APR 25,2018 02:40PM: The update is live. For personal accounts, go to the gear icon located a the top right corner, and select the option “Try the new Gmail”.  From there it will prompt you on the Display mode density. Choose from: Default, Comfortable or Compact. If you do not like the new redesign just go back “Go back to classic Gmail” located in the same place.



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