Getting Started in #SLACK

Slack can be a great productivity tool, but can be viewed by some as a big distraction.
Slack has been adopted by many organizations with varying degrees of success. Some of our clients have dropped it, others love it and embrace its advantages.

We at Pulsar Technology Corp use it, and our communications have greatly benefited from its innovative approach.

Clearly a key entry point into making it a real productivity and transparency tool is to keep it simple and gradually merge it into the company’s existing workflow.

The Slack blog, by Matt Haughey gives valuable information on a successful implementation.

Among his tips are the following:

  • Start with a small rollout team

    Who are comfortable at working together and collaborating at a high pace. Then have installation on all devices and all platforms. Desktops mobiles. Have everyone committed to a newly created #project-YOURPROJECT. All communication material must go into that channel, avoiding the temptation to use email. Connect your Google Calendars and cloud storage for sharing files accordingly

  • Evaluate

    The success of the first project, and how did it improve your communications. Start immediately on your next project.

  • Slack Launch Day !

    Where all users get involved in your organization. By now you should be well headed into a successful implementation.

You will find it a transforming experience.
The Slack blog, by Matt Haughey

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