Microsoft: “Reinventing Search.”

Yesterday, February 7, 2023, Microsoft in a surprise event announced its latest AI offering for its Bing search engine, which incorporates Artificial Intelligence from its now startup partner OpenAI. At its Redmond headquarters, it showcased how the search engine is responsive via complete answers and provides via a chat interface the ability to compose text. This text has the option … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving.

This year, 2022, we have many reasons to be grateful for. For health, for family for continued business operation. Particularly here at Pulsar Technology Corp, we are humbly thankful for our Seventh Year of continuous operations in the South Florida area. We wish our Clients, Family, and Friends a happy festivity.

Seagate Announces Nytro© 5050 NVMe SSD Series

Yesterday August 9, 2022, Seagate announced its Nytro 5050 NVMe SSD series. Designed for the high performance data center, these SSDs these drives feature up to 15 TB of storage with sequential reads of up to 7400MB/s and Sequential write speeds of up to 7200MB/s and 7.4 GB/s bandwidth. Also, they are backed by a five year warranty. Images Copyright … Read More

Happy 4th of July 2022!

Pulsar Technology Corp would like to wish our Clients, Family, and Friends a happy festivity. May the celebration of freedom be a blessing for generations to come to those in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Synology Launches High Density HD6500

Yesterday, June 29, 2022, Synology announced a high density NAS in a rack form factor. Ideal for Private, on Premise Cloud, or for Cross Site Syncing. this 4U rackmount enclosure supports up to 300 Drives. Among the announced specs are: 2 x 10 Intel Xeon. 64 GB DDR4 Error Correcting (ECC) Scalable up to four units Dual Power Supply Three … Read More