Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple Speaks at New York Tech Fest.

I have never met anybody with his focus. And the —the —the efforts —its not you decide to be focused one month and you strung (ph) along, but the hourly, the daily extraordinary effort that it takes to focus. Sir Jony Ive - On Steve Jobs.
But for 99 percent of the time, it didn't work for us. For the vast majority of the development cycle all we had were things that failed. By definition, it was if they didn't fail halfway through then we'd be done. And so, there's —there's this sort of extraordinary process you go through, where —actually I was talking to somebody earlier about this, and I think actually just starting to realize this paradox more which is there really are two very distinct behaviors that I have to —I have to engage in and I sort of have.Sir Jony Ive. On the cost of focus.

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