All the New Features in Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Blog Article by Mollie Ruiz-Hopper gives us a great insight on all the improvements on the free upgrade to Microsoft leading desktop OS.

Among other features here is a brief rundown on the relevant specs:

  •  3D content creation through the new Paint3D. It will also let users convert a 2D existing image to 3D adding  textures and colors.
  • Game Broadcasting via Beam with low latency, sub 1 second delays.
  • Game Mode will prioritize system resources to games.
  • Extended support for GameBar.
  • Edge browser has improved energy management for longer battery life. Up to 3 hours more of video playing and up to one more hour of reading.
  • Edge browser has a tab manager for those of us who always have too many tabs open. Eliminating the need for a plugin in other browsers.
  • More Extensions to Edge, including Roboform, Ghostery, Intel TrueKey.
  • Cortana native support for playing music including most popular palylists on music sites.
  • Mini View Feature, anchors a small window on top of the active windows.
  • Night Lite will reduce blue light onscreen after sunset. Works like Night Shift on Apple OSX
  • New Windows Defender Security Center offers a centralized display of security settings and monitoring.
  • Dynamic Lock detects when you step away from your computer and locks it.

For more information please read the full Microsoft post.


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